Positive Horsemanship Spain at Cortijo de Segura


We are the world's first training centre dedicated to reward based training for equine rehabilitation!

Our horses have been rescued from neglect, abuse or homes where their behaviour made them dangerous to handle. We take them in and rehabilitate them using reward-based training. They become happy, soft and responsive.


Our Centre is based in beautiful Andalucia.

You stay in our lovely villa, with its large garden and solar-heated pool. We host many fabulous practitioners for horsemanship courses and clinics, so you can immerse yourself in deep learning. But being Spain, there is always time for a glass of wine with lunch and a siesta.


Or you can book a mini-break with your partner or friends.

We are close to the popular cities Granada, Seville, and Jerez. Or you can take a trip to the Mediterranean coast or go high up the Sierra Nevada Mountains! While not touring or lounging around the pool, you can book private lessons with Claire and Rachel to improve your horsemanship. 


 And who knows, maybe one day you will become the forever human for one of our horses! Our aim for the future is that some horses will find new homes with people like you, who visit us and fall  in love with the horse of your dreams. Then we can take on new horses who need help and begin the cycle again. Sound good? Join us now and live the dream.



"I most certainly made the right choice to come here for the hoof trimming course. I have learned a lot and Lesley, Rachel and Claire gave me confidence to trim my own horses. Thank you for that (and a special thank goes to the horses �) !!! I also met other great people while I was here and we had lots of fun what made the course a lovely holiday as well. I am absolutely sure you can choose any course at Cortijo de Segura and you will have fantastic time here."


Ali Kismet, Slovakia



"This place is a haven for horses that have known the dark side of life. The dedication and compassion of the people who run it is incredible.I can't say enough good things about their use of positive reinforcement and their efforts to rehabilitate horses that have suffered greatly. I hope you will support the center in their efforts to make the world a better place for the innocents in their care."


Melissa Spell Deal, United States



"What fun! Staying at a lovely house in a tiny Spanish town and working with horses until “siesta,” then late evening chats about training and excellent outdoor dinners under the arbor in the cool Spanish night. A dream come true!"


Amanda Jay, United States

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