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Come and Train with us!

Come and spend 5 days with Rachel and Claire to help rehabilitate our horses.


There are 4 course dates to choose from:


17th - 23rd March

24th - 29th March


15th - 21st September

23rd - 28th September

Gymnastic Groundwork with Hannah Weston

In-hand work and groundwork exercises are a great way to build strength, suppleness and straightness in horses. Using exercises such as lateral work, pole-work, body awareness exercises, free jumping and more, Hannah will teach you how to build the horses’ physical fitness while prioritising their emotional enjoyment.


There are 2 course dates available:


18th - 22nd April

12th - 16th November


Yoga for Horsemanship with Helen Gilbertson

On this course, beginners to Yoga will learn a sequence of yoga postures which you can take home and practice regularly. In addition, more advanced Yoga students will be able to advance their practice under the guidance of an excellent teacher. If there are particular equestrian exercises which you struggle with Helen will be able to look at your posture and advise you of additional exercises you can do to help overcome your problems.


There are 2 course dates available:

10th - 13th May

4th - 7th October

Obstacles and Outings

Do you love to play with horses on the ground? We do, and we invite you to come and join us for a horsey holiday with a difference. You come to our lovely farm in Andalucia and choose your horse for your holiday. All our horses are in rehab following rescue, and a big part of their recovery is learning that humans can be fun as well as trustworthy. That’s where you can help them by being their lovely person who takes them out, plays with them and helps them to feel happy.


There are 2 course dates available:

15th - 20th May

25th November - 1st December


Connection Training with Rachel Bedingfield

This Course gives you the opportunity to experience positive horse training and to develop your practical skills. You will be able to work with the horse of your choice depending on the kind of issue you’d like to cover. This can be anything from starting reward-based training to building your confidence for riding.


There are 2 course dates available:

23rd - 29th May 

18th - 23rd October

Tai Chi for Horsemanship with Kate Roux

There are three elements to this course. Firstly, you work on the ground, away from the horse, to develop your own posture, balance and breath control. Then you go and work with our horses. We teach you easy practices on breathing, balance and movement, which have a considerable influence on your horse.

And thirdly, we reward the horse for responding to your changes and looking for connection with you. You don’t have to be perfect, just practice and the horse will do his best to tune into what you intend. It’s magic!


There are 2 dates available for this course:


31st May - 3rd June

25th - 28th October

Complete Confidence with Cathy Sirett

How many times has lack of confidence stopped you from enjoying your horse?

How many times has lack of confidence stopped you from enjoying your life?


Cathy Sirett knows how you feel. She remembers crying because she was too scared to get on her own horse.


Now she is a Confidence Coach helping people build the confidence they need to enjoy their horses and their lives

On this course you will discover the five proven steps to building authentic confidence and hear about examples of how people have successfully applied these steps

There are 2 course dates available:

10th - 14th June

10th - 15th October

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners

This course is aimed at horse owners who have already started trimming their horses hooves and at people who are becoming hoof trimming professionals. The course covers practical hoof trimming, where you will learn to balance a hoof, use a wider range of tools than the rasp and be able to plan hoof care and lifestyle to help horses suffering from a range of hoof conditions.


The date for the course is:

3rd - 9th November


Positive Academic Art of Riding with Angelica Hesselius

In this course, you will learn about the theory and practice of training horses gymnastically to create soundness for life. The Course will be groundwork and will cover, close in hand work, lungeing and long reining.


There are 2 course dates available:


25th - 29th April

18th - 22nd November

Oil Painting Workshop

Join Steve Godfrey for an exclusive workshop the week is packed with lots of useful information, techniques and tips from an experienced full time artist


Open to all levels of artists


There are 2 course dates to choose from:


7th - 13th April 

17th - 23rd June 


My Journey Horse with Maggie Roux

On this weekend, we explore the journey horse in our lives. Led by a highly experienced and empathic tutor, Maggie Roux, we explore our life’s journey through identifying archetypes which have most relevance to us. These are the roles and characters that we and others adopt as we live our life stories.  Each archetype has its strengths and its weaknesses and its appropriate and inappropriate uses. Unused archetypes are like treasures buried inside of us, waiting to be discovered.


Course date: 13th - 16th December